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It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when standing on ‘The Head’ of Cow Head, surrounded by swirling ocean and rugged rock. The air is rarely still, fishing boats bobbing along the small dock. The fishermen’s small homes, sheds and shacks, built by strong hands and somehow shaped by wind and sea, like an old tree over time, warped to nature’s persuasion. And in the background – mountains. A towering trimming to the perfect scene. Venture out the ‘The Point of The Head’ and you’ll feel like you’re standing on the edge of the Earth itself. Walk the Lighthouse Trail to tread a thick forest path, only to emerge on a hilltop with a view that seems to broaden your periphery.

Head to the edge of town (it’ll only take a minute) and you’ll discover Shallow Bay Beach – a sprawling, white sand beach in the midst of all this on which you may walk, play, or simply stand and admire yet another spectacular view. Come back inland and explore the little town itself. Spend some time in the St. Mary’s Botanical Garden, learn about Cow Head’s rich history at the Dr. Henry Payne Community Museum and Craft Shop. You can take in a production at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival, which runs until September 29. Special discounts available for Fall Fest participants. You can even get in a round or two of shoulder season golf at Gros Morne Golf Course – every bit as inspiring a golfing experience as the name suggests.

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